We believe that the practitioner is the person best placed to design a unique curriculum for the child to ensure rapid and sustained progress. At Red Panda Learning, we have developed a range of tools to support the practitioner to identify and plan for the specific next steps of the child. This begins with our consultancy.

Teacher asking children a question

The proven success of our curriculum lies in the professional development and empowerment of practitioners to best utilise the scheme. We support the practitioner to make accurate observations of each child’s learning, from which their achievements can be celebrated and their unique next steps identified.

Children writing letters

We work alongside the practitioner to help them gain the confidence to plan for the next stage of learning and development for each child. We support them as they develop their own next steps for the children in their setting, rather than relying on the examples within the handbook. Importantly our example next steps are not a tick list to be worked through, they are to be utilised based on the practitioner’s professional judgement of children’s development.

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