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Our curriculum is based on extensive experience of working with children in their formative years. It is designed to fulfil each child’s individual needs, ensuring they receive a richness of opportunity whilst developing the skills to fully engage in their immediate and wider environment. It is broken down into four phases and organised across the seven areas of learning featured in the English Early Years curriculum.

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The programme enables practitioners to fully understand the needs of children, enabling them to create a unique curriculum for each child to ensure that they make rapid progress. Within the phases, practitioners can see what each child can do and through careful assessment, identify their next step. Because the curriculum is not based on a child’s age but their phase of development, their learning journey can be tailor-made to their exact requirements.

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Included in the Curriculum Handbook are all the necessary planning sheets, observation proformas and group overview proformas to support the practitioner in planning a rich environment to support every child’s rapid development. Our handbook is just the start of the journey for each setting, practitioner and child.

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